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About Us

Small Family Business

We are a small family run Cabinet Shop, tucked away in the woods, not to far from the local airport in Grants Pass Oregon. We are quite sure, that if you were to wander further into the woods located at the back end of our property, you could find the Three Bears overlooking Goldilocks as she sleeps innocently in Baby Bear’s bed.

As of yet, we have not been asked to make any furniture or cabinets in their humble abode. We look forward to the day that  Momma & Papa Bear call us for any remodel or wood projects that they might have. (It would be a great honor to have such celebrities on our client list!)

Luckily, over the years, we have been fortunate and honored to have done many woodcraft projects here in Oregon, as well as California.

Wood is a passion here at Cecilio Custom Cabinets. There is a very heightened sense of pride and accomplishment in every piece of work that goes through our shop. Each piece, of every project, is carefully and skillfully tended to, until that final “Nod” of being “Finished”. Even then, it’s not finished, until it is placed in it’s final and intended spot. (The spot that it was custom fit for, as no other spot will ever do!)


There are three generations of family, living in and around the cabinet shop, here in the woods. Just know that craftsmanship, pride and a strong sense of family is what makes a very special end product to our customers.

Please feel free to look through our pictures located on this site, and give us a call for any of your wood projects, even if you think it can’t be done.

We are quite sure, if it involves wood, “It Can Be Done!”

The Cecilio Family.


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