Custom Cabinets
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First Post Honor

Kathy and I had the opportunity to pass through town, and witness the craftsmanship and labor of love that Joe and Dawn have built into their estate.

The Cecilio’s cabinet shop had state of the art equipment installed and working. Very Well Organized! I could only wish I had a similar shop at home in Merced, California. If their house & “Man Cave” are any reflection on the type of craftsmanship that goes into their clients work, all I can say is “Nice!”.

Some of the pictures on this site are from Joe and Dawns house. See if you can pick them out! All of the work, in all of the pictures are of the upmost quality. It’s hard to pick.

Joe mentioned that his father in Law’s house had his work in it, but we didn’t have time to see it. It will be a priority next time we go through Grants Pass.

Dave & Kathy Brown,

Merced, Ca

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